Harris Striped Necktie

Cursor & Thread

$69.00 $89.00

A wise man once said 'there are ties, and then there are ties' - this amazing handmade, striped, chambray necktie is of the latter group. Made by second generation tie makers in Canada, The Harris instantly fits in to your wardrobe as though it's always been there, and yet it will excite every collared shirt you own! We choose this material because it felt like we had no choice, it was that great, and we contrasted it with linen tipping and a matching keeper loop because nothing says party in the back like casual linen. You'll be surprised how much you (and everyone else) will love this neck adornment.

We believe the line between formal and casual should be relaxed, and that if you're comfortable in the style you choose, you should choose it whenever you want. We hope you like compliments, because people will embrace it.

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