Ipanema Cotton Bow Tie

Cursor & Thread

$39.00 $59.00

This beautifully patterned bow tie was made in New York with Brazilian fabric that was chosen first hand in the streets of São Paulo. We made our way to Rua 25 de Marco near the Mercado Municipal and revelled in the excitement of picking fabrics with a significant language barrier. This pattern reminded us of the mosaic pavements on Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro (a later stop on our trip). These are a limited run that won't be repeated if only because it's unlikely we'll make it back before they stop producing the pattern. Envision the beautiful beaches and warm breeze as you confidently showcase your proud head above this neck adornment, and enjoy the rolling wave of compliments.

These are self-tie bow ties for the purist, however, they come tied and are adjustable. Of course, to mix it up you'll need to know/learn how to tie a bow tie. The truth is it's easy to learn (thank you YouTube), and worth the 15 minutes, given the number one question people ask bow tie wearers is... 'did you tie that yourself?'

We hope you like compliments.

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