Majorca French Knot

Cursor & Thread

$45.00 $49.00

The Majorca French Knot is one of those bow ties that livens up an outfit, and is perfect for this season. Maybe it's the hue, or maybe it's the gold polka dots, but this is one of those pieces that can change the rest of your look with a simple knot - keep it in your clutch for when you hop from one yacht to another! Handmade in New York by people you'd like, The Majorca can be worn whenever the mood strikes... so many compliments you'll wish you had more necks.

Our French Knots were traditionally made for women to wear against the skin, but have been known to be worn under a collar, and by handsome gentlemen as well. These look amazing on necks no matter the gender, so we say go for it. They come in 25" (S) or 27" (M), and are self tie, but unlike bow ties, they require just a simple 2-step knot - the kind you do all the time. Enjoy!

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