New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

Musical New York Crosby Bow Tie

We can't confirm, nor deny that David Crosby wore a Cursor & Thread Bow Tie on a particular street in Soho recently - but we can deny that Bing Crosby wore one of our ties while on stage with Stills and Nash in the late 90s. The Crosby Woven Dot Chambray Bow Tie is one of our best of the season. The fabric is of a quality that you can recognize immediately, and like most of our bow ties you can dress it up or down as needed. Made in Canada, The Crosby Bow Tie is a self tie model, but comes tied with an adjuster, if you want to wear it as is, immediately. Just know that every time you do wear it, you'll have to get used to the sudden approach of good strangers... so many compliments, you'll wish you had more necks.

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