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About Us

Cursor & Thread

A scientist and a philosopher walk into a bar… 20 years later, after a variety of travel, fashion, and start-up experiences, they decided to launch Cursor & Thread: an accessories line that reflects the pair’s aesthetic, and attention to detail. 

After years of being in the industry in one way or another, we set out to create semi-casual accessories that were once considered everyday wear, but have since been reserved for formal occasions. Think cotton bow ties worn with an untucked shirt, or button in suspenders that spend as much time down as they do up.

All of our products and packaging are proudly handmade in the US or Canada in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients, by us or by other people you'd like. In addition, Cursor & Thread has been a member of 1% For The Planet since our inception.

For more information on us, check out our interview with the good people from Shopify. We hope you like compliments...


Braces or Suspenders: 

  • We're in no way anti-belt, belts are great, a lot of our friends are belts. And we're not suggesting suspenders or braces make the wearer look taller and thinner... science has already proven that. We simply enjoy the unexpected pleasure that suspenders give the wearer, and seem to give those around him or her. Throw the rules out the window and try a pair of suspenders one day a week, and we bet it turns into two. 

Bow Ties & French Knots: 

  • The biggest myth about the bow tie is that it's hard to tie - the only people who say that have probably never tried, or they're wisely trying to stop other potential wearers from stealing their compliment garnering thunder. Bow ties are like bikes, once you learn how to use one, you never forget... oh, and they're awesome like bikes too. See how to tie a bow tie to learn how to tie a bow tie.
  • Secondly, the greatest thing we ever learned about bow ties is that like a good marriage, once the knot is tied, the charm often lies in the imperfections.
  • Our bow ties are made in Canada from the highest quality fabrics, in small batches. They're self tie for the expert, but they come tied with a clip if you are planning to learn how to tie one later.

Neck Ties:

  • All our neck ties are handmade in Canada by second generation tie makers.
  • Each material is painstakingly sourced and combined to make the sought after end result.
  • As with all our products, each tie comes in a custom sleeve/gift box made of 100% post consumer waste.

Pocket Squares & Bandanas:

  • These are made in Vancouver in small runs for people with big hearts. The fabrics we use are meticulously sought after and everything from finishing to packaging is done by people you'd like.
  • Our boxes for these have all the information you need regarding the product, how to use it, and even come with a handy tool.

Thanks for being here.



1% For the Planet

We've been a member of 1% For The Planet since we began. We are always looking for ways to work with suppliers who are conscious of their impact on the planet, and we try to limit our waste and use materials and practices that have the smallest impact on the earth. However, on top of that, we've found this organization helps us remember to pay our rent here on earth.