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Bow Tie Packaging Boxes

We take a lot of care in selecting the materials we use, and designing & producing our final products, but there's a lot of work that goes into our packaging as well. We've been fortunate enough to work with a terrific group of people when looking at packaging needs, and together we've produced some great little boxes. We worked with the guys at Ooco Design and came out with a bow tie box, partly inspired by that big box of matches by your grandparent's fireplace, that we and our customers have been thrilled with.

Then the team at ibox produced the custom dies and have now produced thousands of bow tie boxes for us without a flaw. They use 100% post consumer materials so that we, and you, can feel a little better about our reduced impact on the environment (where we wear bow ties).

So if you ever find yourself looking for a great little custom gift box (that comes with a free bow tie), check us out!


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