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Top & Derby Canes

Sometimes bad things happen to good people... one of us recently encountered one of those bad things and long story short, we will now be using a cane for the next little while. You never think you're going to need to buy a cane, until you do, and then you learn a thing or two about the poor design of most of the sticks out there. Full disclosure, we knew one of the members of Top & Derby previously, had been vey impressed with their operation, but were in no need for their product until now. Even though we already had high expectations for our new Top & Derby cane, we were still thoroughly impressed with the deliverable, as were people in the street.

Beyond the ampersand, we feel like we have a few things in common with Top & Derby and their motivation, and love how they've stated it:

For hundreds of years, walking canes were common fashion accessories which were made and worn with pride. But as time went on, the aesthetics were abandoned and the finely crafted artifacts were replaced with cold, clinical, and impersonal items of utility. Today, most canes do little to inspire the self-confidence of those who use them. We (Matt Kroeker, Ben Grynol, and Gerrit de Vries) aimed to change this. 

Read more about how their cane design was partly inspired by banana bread, slip and slides, and sneakers. Really great work guys!

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