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Nifty Do Menswear Shop

One of our favourite things about running Cursor & Thread is being able to work & build relationships with awesome people and their shops. Nifty Do, with stores in Vancouver, Canada and Seoul, South Korea is one of those operations with great people and great brands.

Nifty Do

They are very selective with the brands they carry as they usually mirror their stock between their stores, appealing to two different markets at the same time. They also do a great job educating their consumers with a terrific store Nifty Do Blog.

Cursor & Thread Nifty Do

As mentioned, we love working with all the stores we do, and to see a list of them you can click here: Cursor & Thread Retailers. To see a post that Nifty Do did on us, you can click here - click around in there and you'll learn about some other amazing brands. Enjoy your day!

Nifty Do C&T

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