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The 5 Best Black and White Ties of 2017

You don't have to be attending a stuffy event or conservative party to wear a black and white bow tie or necktie, nor should any of our top 5 black and white ties be considered in any way boring. Some of the most exciting scenarios are perfect for black and white or grayscale neck adornment. Consider any event in a location with an overload of colour, or where most patrons will be full of fauna and floral. In these situations, a tasteful or even bold use of black and white is instantly classic yet contrasting.

The Soirée

Black and white floral can be tough to find, but it's not tough to look good in.

black and white floral tie

The General

We loved the simplicity of this bow tie the second we made it. Black and white plaid is very rare and this material has got more life to it than some rainbows.

black and white bow tie

The Specials

Whether you're a fan of SKA or not, this necktie truly can blur the line between casual and formal. 

black and white check necktie

The Henry Polka Dot

One of our best sellers in neckties, bow ties and pocket squares, this chambray will look sharper than a unicorn in a pencil sharpener factory. In fact, the more you put in while pairing this piece, the more dividends it will pay out.

polka dot bow tie

The Slade Necktie

This is a tie for a true gentleman, so whether you fit the bill or are an impostor, no one will know the difference... until you say something. 

Slade Grey Tie

No matter which way you go, make sure you enjoy what you wear, and enjoy the compliments.

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