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Daytona French Knot Bow Tie
Daytona French Knot Bow

Daytona French Knot Bow

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For better or worse, we live in an ever changing world, and sometimes your outfit needs to adapt. This is where accessories like our Daytona French Knot, made in New York by people you'd like, play a vital role. Subtle in size, but bright in demeanour, this piece can go from your pocket to your neck in as long as it takes you to tie a simple two-step knot. With perfectly placed gold x-crosses, this knot has a jewel element but with more character. We hope you like compliments...

Our French Knots were mostly made for women to wear against the skin, but have been known to be worn under a collar, and by handsome gentlemen as well. These look amazing on necks no matter the gender, so we say embrace it. They come in 25" (S) or 27" (M), and are self tie, but unlike bow ties, they require just a simple 2-step knot - the kind you do all the time. Enjoy!