Akihabara Japanese Cotton Bow Tie

Cursor & Thread

$49.00 $69.00

This Japanese cotton bow tie was made in Canada by people you'd like. A pristine fabric such as this, demands attention to detail and we felt like we were up to the task. Whether you're walking the streets for electronics or just trying to be part of the scene, The Akihabara will stand out. 

These are self-tie bow ties (instructions on the box) for the bow tie purist, however, they come tied and are adjustable for the non-Jedi. Of course, to mix it up you'll need to know/learn how to tie a bow tie. The truth is it's easy to learn (thank you YouTube), and worth the 15 minutes, given the number one question people ask bow tie wearers is... 'did you tie that yourself?'

We hope you like compliments.

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