Oxford Plaid Flannel Bow Tie

Cursor & Thread

$49.00 $59.00

The plaid Oxford bow tie is a gentleman's accessory, whether you're proudly heading into New College, or running down Barton Lane to pick up the chutney for your mother. It may be getting colder, but at least it gives you a reason to bring out the flannels, and what better way than with a neck adornment. These are made in Canada (by people you'd like), and will be the talk of the town... who doesn't like a grey plaid?

These are self-tie bow ties for the bow tie purist, however, they come tied and are adjustable for the non-Jedi. Of course, to mix it up you'll need to know/learn how to tie a bow tie. The truth is it's easy to learn (thank you YouTube), and worth the 15 minutes, given the number one question people ask bow tie wearers is... 'did you tie that yourself?'

We hope you like compliments.

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