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5 Cities 5 Coffees - Chapter 3

We spend an awful lot of time in coffee shops when we travel... actually we're always in coffee shops home or away, and usually as a family (spot the photo bomb on the featured image). The good ones are always great for a quick rest, a tasty treat, and lots of people watching - you can get a real sense of the style variance in a city at the coffee shops around town. Below are our next five favourites and as always you can check all our previous 5 Cities Lists

  1. Right around the corner from our hotel in vibrant Mexico City, was a coffee shop you can't even see until it opens, due to the shutters. eNHORAbUENa CAFÉ was so perfect and neighbourhoody while still living up to amazing standards for food, coffee and charm.enhorabuena cafe
  2. Toronto is at the top of its game for coffee these days and Pilot Coffee Roasters are some of the best in town. Their knowledge in the cafes is so sharp, and the product so spot on that it's worth a detour on the way to your final destination.Pilot Coffee
  3. It's hard not to include Melbourne on every coffee highlight reel given they have so much to offer, but Dukes Coffee really stood out for us. Their roasts are just awesome, and their packaging makes it impossible not to take some home with you - but the cafe itself is just a perfect and particular slice of heaven off a tiny but busy street.Dukes Coffee
  4. Reykjavik is a lovely place, but all the better when you find Reykjavik Roasters at the top of the hill. We knew it was our spot the second we walked in. The boys liked it and all the space right outside any of the big, bright windows. Sit in any of the well-loved chairs, enjoy slowed service and delicious fare, and feel free to play any of the vinyl. These guys make everyone feel at home.Reykjavik Roasters
  5. Here in Vancouver we always like a cup of excellent coffee and a snack from the good folks at Elysian Coffee. Their shops are thoughtful and their offerings are top notch - imagine if your best friends opened a cafe and you'd be pretty close. So friendly without a hint of pretentiousness, but their attention to quality is tops. Elysian

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