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Top 5 Style Experts Answer 5 Questions About Spring Fashion

We love getting inspiration from our favourite fashion bloggers, stylists, design enthusiasts, and general fashionistas on instagram, which is why we thought we'd pick their brains on 2017 Spring Style. We asked them all the same questions and got some very different answers, which was awesome! Take a read below, and we encourage you to follow the ones you identify with. Enjoy! ----- @thedailyhedonist Alexander and Matthieu are purely about the platform. They're based in Paris and Berlin, and they clearly love photography. They post on fashion and travel and use each other as the subjects most of the time. You'll get an excellent window into their tastes and style, while touring around the world (with a smile). 1. What’s an...

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Shopkeeper Interviews: Muddy George

Sometimes the world just wants you to be a retail entrepreneur whether you have the experience or not. That's what happened to Altaf Baksh when he just couldn't resist opening Muddy George in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood, where he provides a carefully selected range of menswear brands, including Cursor & Thread.  How do you take your tea or coffee? AB: I'm an Orange Pekoe guy in the morning and like a coffee in the afternoon. Both double-double. Can you tell us a little bit about your background? AB: Before opening the store, I spent the previous nine years in a corporate setting, in HR. While I didn't hate what I was doing, it wasn't my passion. While I had no retail or fashion industry experience...

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Spinning Tops Made in Canada

Remember when you used to spin tops? We're not sure what it is about that activity, but there is definitely a sense of calmed awesomeness when you get one going perfectly. The guys at foreverspin recognized that this is not just something for kids, but that adding the right sophistication to the toy could benefit all of us. Once they produced these precise pieces in various metals, they could tout the benefits including increased creativity, education, design appreciation and a sense of focus. Like our wares, their tops are made in Canada - these come in 15 different metals and are guaranteed for life. (Ours is still spinning btw.)   

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