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5 Cities 5 Hotels

Whenever you look sharp, it's important to travel... it also works the other way around. Given that sleep is right up there with food and style in terms of important elements to a healthy life, we thought we'd highlight some of our favourite places to rest your head. Feel free to look at some of our other 5 Cities Lists, or read on for our latest hotel picks:

  1. Our first stop is the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn. We lucked into this stay and we were blown away by the luxurious, eco-conscious property. The rooms are amazing, and if you can get one that overlooks the bridge, it will call for you to come jogging over it every morning - and you'll love it. It's got a very social, grand lobby and the staff are very well dressed and delightful. BONUS: Amazing rooftop!1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Amsterdam has a lot of identities and a variety of attractions, but there's nothing like having your home base in a welcoming, hip, quality hotel that is part of the tapestry of that city in the centre of the picturesque canalscape. The Hoxton has great character both in the build and the people, from staff to guests. Hoxton Amsterdam Hotel
  3. The Broadview Hotel in Toronto is a property with a storied past. Built in 1891, the building was a landmark in Toronto's East End. After passing through multiple owners with an assortment of ambitions, this new hotel has combined all the learnings from the industry over the last 10 year and executed on them wonderfully. Enjoy the view on the roof, and the incredible wallpaper on the walls that you wish could talk. Broadview Hotel Toronto
  4. Our next stop is in the far East... of North America on Fogo Island. The Fogo Island Inn almost needs no introduction. It's an all inclusive, but in this case that means you can eat anything you like prepared fresh by the chef, roam the island and immerse yourself in the culture, or enjoy the incredible tranquility of your room while you watch the icebergs float by on the Atlantic. This hotel is connected to the people and the landscape like few other establishments. Without going into detail, you can be confident the majority of your cost is going toward things that are good in this world.Fogo Island Inn Review
  5. Los Angeles has hotels spread out all over, but the resurgence of downtown has given new life to previously forgotten buildings and the Freehand Hotel in the old Commercial Exchange Building is no different. Walking the balance between the friendliest boutique hotel, and the highest quality hipster hotel is a tough ask, but the Freehand Hotels have gotten very good at it. Enjoy the amazing rooftop day and night, terrific coffee and very comfortable rooms all in a cultural mecca.Freehand Hotel LA


Wherever you find yourself... travel well!


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