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How to Wear a Bandana for Women - 5 Ways

As is the case with making a margarita, there are multiple fun ways to wear a bandana for women. Truth is, there really is no limit to the uses of a good Canadian made bandana, both functionally and fashionably, but we thought we'd highlight our top 5:

  1. Tie your bandana around your head as a thick headband with the knot up top to give you a bit of that peasant girl look; add a touch of attitude to complete the look.

  2. Wrap your bandana around your wrist to add an instant jewelry-like accessory.

  3. Wear your bandana as a neckerchief, or cravat, which can actually keep you warm, or soak up your sweat, which comes in handy whether you are a real bandit or just want to look like the business. We say knot at the back or at the front.

  4. Channel your inner biker (or Russian babouchka) by wearing your bandana over your hair (no dry shampoo needed). Fold it diagonally, place the edge across your forehead and tie it in the back.

  5. Tie your bandana onto your purse for an easy bit of flair, plus when the wind comes up or the temperature changes, you can tie it on and take all the credit for being so prepared (see suggestions #1-4).

Whatever your choose, have confidence and enjoy how you wear it... others will embrace it. 

5 ways to wear a bandana

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