New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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How to Wear a Bandana for Women - 5 Ways

As is the case with making a margarita, there are multiple fun ways to wear a bandana for women. Truth is, there really is no limit to the uses of a good Canadian made bandana, both functionally and fashionably, but we thought we'd highlight our top 5: Tie your bandana around your head as a thick headband with the knot up top to give you a bit of that peasant girl look; add a touch of attitude to complete the look. Wrap your bandana around your wrist to add an instant jewelry-like accessory. Wear your bandana as a neckerchief, or cravat, which can actually keep you warm, or soak up your sweat, which comes in handy whether you are a...

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Casual Pocket Squares Made in Canada

Anyone can make formal pocket squares, and finding high quality domestically made pocket squares can be a challenge. The other issue may be that you don't often see pocket squares being worn casually. We want to remind you to wear what you want, how you want! Our pocket squares are made by people you'd like, using the finest materials and can be worn formally or casually. We hope you like compliments!      

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How to install and use Suspender Buttons

Having braces or suspender buttons in some of your key pairs of pants or trousers takes a minute of work for a lifetime of pleasure and stylishness. There's nothing wrong with clips, and in fact our Dublin 1" Suspenders come with combo clips giving you the option to use standard clips or button ins, but having the choice to use button ins is a fantastic, fashion-forward option that very few utilize. Your best case scenario is to know, or be someone awesome, who has the skill to attach buttons on the inside waist of your trousers - sew them in pairs, two sets in the front and one in the back. The two in the front should be 1.5" apart...

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How to tie a bow tie

To learn how to tie a bow tie is one of those things your father always expected of you, even though he never told you. Now's your chance to make him prouder than he's ever been. With our simple and easy directions below on how to tie a bow tie, you can earn the respect of every one, in every room (or plane, or bus, or farmer's market). People have proclaimed that bow ties are hard to tie since God was a boy, but the truth is, few people try. Once you master it, you'll realize that stats exams, opening certain snack bags, and playing concert piano while balancing a raw egg on your head are all much more difficult....

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