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Casual C&T Bows in the TC

Last week, Richard Watts reported on the new casual nature of the bow tie, in the Times Colonist. Front and centre for the piece were a few casual Cursor & Thread Bow Ties in the shape of the popular Bike Bow, the Flannel Polka and the old faithful Salt'n'Pepper. We love reading the paper, especially when it talks up the liberation of our blessed bows: "...bow ties are moving beyond the traditional, dressy silk. Patterned cotton, wool and various fabrics blended with polyester and nylon are making a show in the bow tie."

Of course, bows still belong at formal dressy events, no question - it just seems more and more acceptable to also see them on weekends, with untucked shirts, and in coffee shops. The good news for all of you who can tie a bow tie is that this is another article that once again promotes the myth that tying a bow tie is difficult - which means it will continue to be a rarity and you'll continue to be a rock star.

Above photo by: BRUCE STOTESBURY

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