New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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Casual C&T Bows in the TC

Last week, Richard Watts reported on the new casual nature of the bow tie, in the Times Colonist. Front and centre for the piece were a few casual Cursor & Thread Bow Ties in the shape of the popular Bike Bow, the Flannel Polka and the old faithful Salt'n'Pepper. We love reading the paper, especially when it talks up the liberation of our blessed bows: "...bow ties are moving beyond the traditional, dressy silk. Patterned cotton, wool and various fabrics blended with polyester and nylon are making a show in the bow tie." Of course, bows still belong at formal dressy events, no question - it just seems more and more acceptable to also see them on weekends, with untucked...

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How to tie a bow tie

To learn how to tie a bow tie is one of those things your father always expected of you, even though he never told you. Now's your chance to make him prouder than he's ever been. With our simple and easy directions below on how to tie a bow tie, you can earn the respect of every one, in every room (or plane, or bus, or farmer's market). People have proclaimed that bow ties are hard to tie since God was a boy, but the truth is, few people try. Once you master it, you'll realize that stats exams, opening certain snack bags, and playing concert piano while balancing a raw egg on your head are all much more difficult....

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