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JACK: The most casual suspenders

We've had a lot of good feedback about our casual JACK suspenders, most of which was unrequested, and we wanted to share some of it here. (The identity of commenters has been hidden to protect their identity from ill-willing belts.)


Testimonial 1:

"These are perhaps the most casual braces I've ever worn - and I'm what's called a brace face. I love the hardware, and the option of buttoning in or clipping."

Testimonial 2:

"This was the first pair of suspenders I'd ever tried, and I was not optimistic. However, they're easy to wear with all my pants and shorts (just not at the same time)."

Testimonial 3:

"Untraditionally, I wear these with all my skirts and get nothing but positive feedback (I wear a shirt too, cheeky). I couldn't decide which colour to get so I go the ones that matched my eyes."

Testimonial 4:

"Wait... how the @#!^% do these work!? Hang on... OK, I've got it. Sweet!!"


Well, it's (unofficially) official, the JACK suspenders are the world's most casual suspender.

(Note: Jack suspenders can be worn formally.)


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