New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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VICTORY Barbers and Brand Suspender Collaboration

We love doing collaborations with our friends and that is certainly true this time around as we launch our VICTORY Barber Suspenders! Available through our site or through any VICTORY Barber location, these limited edition, made in Canada suspenders are as casual as they are formal leaving the wearer to decide their own style. We've been working with VICTORY since the beginning and are privileged to call them our friends. Through hard work and dedication to helping Gentlemen look their best, VICTORY has continued to grow to three dedicated locations with a fourth inside their own stand alone bar St. Franks. With Barber Culture as it is, VICTORY set the standards early and has never wavered from them. Their well-trained trimmers are razor...

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JACK: The most casual suspenders

We've had a lot of good feedback about our casual JACK suspenders, most of which was unrequested, and we wanted to share some of it here. (The identity of commenters has been hidden to protect their identity from ill-willing belts.) Testimonial 1: "These are perhaps the most casual braces I've ever worn - and I'm what's called a brace face. I love the hardware, and the option of buttoning in or clipping." Testimonial 2: "This was the first pair of suspenders I'd ever tried, and I was not optimistic. However, they're easy to wear with all my pants and shorts (just not at the same time)." Testimonial 3: "Untraditionally, I wear these with all my skirts and get nothing but positive feedback (I...

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Black Suspenders Made in Canada

We like to think that suspenders, or braces, can spend as much time down as they do up - maybe even 50% of the time. This is partly because we like the idea of these types of accessories to be considered casual if you feel like it. That's one of the reasons we wanted to use antiquated hardware on our new pitch black Dublin suspenders. The wearer can look formal when they want, but can also look 'experienced' and comfortable/casual at the same time.   While we're plugging away, we'd be amiss not to mention that these pair nicely with our Nihilist Bow Ties made of the finest raw silk. Enjoy the party, not the other way around...

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New Adjustable Suspenders with buttons or clips for your pants

We had enjoyed our Made in Canada, Dublin Stripe braces in four standard colours for so long that it was a big deal to change it up. We have now added another hue to the mix with our new Merlot Burgundy Suspenders as well as a whole new style called the Oliver Braces in both arctic and red, white and blue.  As with all our goods, you can find them online and in good shops.

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