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Spinning Tops Made in Canada

Remember when you used to spin tops? We're not sure what it is about that activity, but there is definitely a sense of calmed awesomeness when you get one going perfectly. The guys at foreverspin recognized that this is not just something for kids, but that adding the right sophistication to the toy could benefit all of us. Once they produced these precise pieces in various metals, they could tout the benefits including increased creativity, education, design appreciation and a sense of focus. Like our wares, their tops are made in Canada - these come in 15 different metals and are guaranteed for life. (Ours is still spinning btw.)   

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Shopkeeper Interviews: Jeff Brodawka of "Brodawka & Friends"

We've had the pleasure of knowing, the always well-dressed, quick-witted and polite, Jeff Brodawka for the better part of a decade now. For the first time in that relationship we managed to make record of a recent conversation in his wonderful boutique Brodawka & Friends in Toronto which he opened to the world two years ago. Cursor & Thread: Can I buy you a beverage? What's your first choice? Jeff Brodawka: Espresso - but it would have to be in Italy, so that's on you. C&T: Do you remember where you were the moment you decided to open the first shop? Can you remember the feeling? JB: Yep, I was at a shoe show and paid a visit to the...

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Official Stockist (& Friends)

We're not even sure if 'stockist' is a real word, but we are sure that it sounds cool & old, and that we are officially selling Cursor & Thread Bow Ties in Brodawka & Friends! We've been big fans of Brodawka (and his friends) for years now, so it's really cool for us to be doing business together. This handsome boutique in Toronto is known primarily for their own line of amazing footwear, as well as selecting an array of accessories from talented designers near and far.

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