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Official Stockist (& Friends)

We're not even sure if 'stockist' is a real word, but we are sure that it sounds cool & old, and that we are officially selling Cursor & Thread Bow Ties in Brodawka & Friends! We've been big fans of Brodawka (and his friends) for years now, so it's really cool for us to be doing business together. This handsome boutique in Toronto is known primarily for their own line of amazing footwear, as well as selecting an array of accessories from talented designers near and far.

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Casual Formalities...

Welcome to our blog section. As you can see, it's pretty sparse at the moment, but we hope to change that in the future. As of right now, we're learning little by little, step by step, how much harder it is to start an accessories business with an online presence than we originally thought. That's ok, we'll get there - hopefully we're further ahead while you're reading this than we were when we wrote it [sheepish smile]. Thanks for being here, we hope you all like our hand made accessories and compliments. More to come... Cursor & Thread

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