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5 Cities 5 Coffees - Chapter 1

We're experts on cities and coffee (as long as being to a city, and having a few coffees there qualifies one as an expert). Really, this is a post about places we love getting coffee, in 5 different cities. You can bet that this won't be our last 5 Cities 5 Coffees post... as long as they don't run out of coffee... or cities.

  1. First stop is New York in Tribeca. We love the tiny hole in the wall that is Laughing Man Coffee. Regardless of the positive Hugh Jackman affiliation, there's something wonderful about a compact place that has a limited offering, but does it so well! It's no surprise everyone is always smiling there. 
  2. Portland is a town with a plethora of coffee options, but if we're honest, we've never been without stopping at least a few times at Stumptown Coffee in The Ace Hotel. Like many of our favourites, the service has always been friendly, and there's no questioning the quality of materials or preparation. 
  3. London had a surge of medium quality chains that seemed to own the market for years, but we make special trips to go to Monmouth Coffee near Covent Garden any time we're back. Plant yourself in the middle of the Seven Dials and look for the line on Monmouth Street into, quite possibly, the smallest shop front in the area.
  4. Minneapolis has a lot of things to be proud of, and Dogwood Coffee is one of them. Not surprisingly, the staff are always as friendly as the brew. When we get to town, the Uptown location is our go-to in part because of the unique open concept.
  5. New Orleans is a truly unique and incredible place, and one of the highlights for us was the amazing (and somewhat hard to find) HiVolt Coffee. Like any spot worth its salt, HiVolt is complete with a well-designed interior and serious beverages, but you could write a whole piece on their excellent food. We stuck with avocado and tomato on awesome crunchy toast, and a powerful americano. HiVolt is one of those places that when you're in it, you're simply glad it exists. 

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