New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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Cursor & Thread in Woonwinkel Portland

We're thrilled that our bow ties are now available in Portland, Oregon at one of our favorite shops, Woonwinkel! The superstars at Woonwinkel have been open for 3 years now, and have always focused on well made, handcrafted creations made by independent designers and small companies.   Equally as exciting, Woonwinkel are the first account on the planet to receive items from our brand new Summer Line, including styles you'll come to know as the Harris Chambray, the Summer Sand S'n'P and the new Bike Bow! (Fun fact: Woonwinkel means "home shop" in Dutch.)

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5 Cities 5 Coffees - Chapter 1

We're experts on cities and coffee (as long as being to a city, and having a few coffees there qualifies one as an expert). Really, this is a post about places we love getting coffee, in 5 different cities. You can bet that this won't be our last 5 Cities 5 Coffees post... as long as they don't run out of coffee... or cities. First stop is New York in Tribeca. We love the tiny hole in the wall that is Laughing Man Coffee. Regardless of the positive Hugh Jackman affiliation, there's something wonderful about a compact place that has a limited offering, but does it so well! It's no surprise everyone is always smiling there.  Portland is a town...

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