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ACE Hotel + Cursor & Thread

We've had a personal and professional relationship with The ACE and many of its amazing staff for over a decade now, so we were thrilled to be able to collaborate with them on Neckties & French Knots for the opening of their amazing New Orleans Ace Hotel this Spring! The ACE changed the hotel industry, and managed to offer the perfect combination of comfort and cool with the friendliest staff you're likely to meet, which is a tall order, but a welcome one when away from home.  We've enjoyed the whole process from the very beginning and loved joining forces and comparing notes. We were lucky enough to see our wares in action first hand recently and couldn't have been more proud to...

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5 Cities 5 Coffees - Chapter 1

We're experts on cities and coffee (as long as being to a city, and having a few coffees there qualifies one as an expert). Really, this is a post about places we love getting coffee, in 5 different cities. You can bet that this won't be our last 5 Cities 5 Coffees post... as long as they don't run out of coffee... or cities. First stop is New York in Tribeca. We love the tiny hole in the wall that is Laughing Man Coffee. Regardless of the positive Hugh Jackman affiliation, there's something wonderful about a compact place that has a limited offering, but does it so well! It's no surprise everyone is always smiling there.  Portland is a town...

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