New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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The 5 Best Black and White Ties of 2017

You don't have to be attending a stuffy event or conservative party to wear a black and white bow tie or necktie, nor should any of our top 5 black and white ties be considered in any way boring. Some of the most exciting scenarios are perfect for black and white or grayscale neck adornment. Consider any event in a location with an overload of colour, or where most patrons will be full of fauna and floral. In these situations, a tasteful or even bold use of black and white is instantly classic yet contrasting. The Soirée Black and white floral can be tough to find, but it's not tough to look good in. The General We loved the simplicity of this bow tie...

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Personalized Custom Gifts for Holiday and Christmas

We all know that accessories make the perfect gifts of the season, whether it's a made in Canada bow tie, pocket square, necktie or suspenders. But receiving a gift with your name right on the custom box in the same lettering as the style information is another level. Being a champion gift giver is as simple as these steps: Choose a gift for someone on Cursor & Thread Tell us the name you want stamped on the box, in the COMMENTS at checkout. We ship it to you, or directly to them... Holiday Success!  

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Black and white polka dot bow tie

The Henry black and white polka dot bow tie is made in Canada using a chambray fabric with woven dots. It's one of our best sellers and there are a number of reasons why.  Self tie bow tie This is a self tie bow tie, but comes with a back clip if you want to save time after it's been tied once. The hardware is very subtle, and it's the best quality we've ever found. Formal fashion The Henry bow tie can rub shoulders at the highest formal occasion whether that's with politicians (honest or dishonest) or bankers (no comment). Casual fashion Additionally, the Henry bow tie is right at home going for a Sunday afternoon stroll, or taking a bike...

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Vintage Pin Up Girl Bow Tie

As soon as we found this fabric, we knew we had to do something special with it. On premium cotton with an almost denim or chambray look, the pin up girls are close to tone on tone, giving a lovely subtle nod to the classic ladies of the 40s and 50s. Made in Canada and complimented with the best hardware available, each bow tie is self tie meaning you can switch up where the girls lie, but they do come pre-tied if you're uncomfortable tying them yourself. As always, these were made in a small batch, so grab yours before it's a collectors item.

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