New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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Holiday Bow Ties...

We've released two new premium bow ties, conveniently perfect for the holiday season. The Shin-Koiwa Bow Tie is handmade with luscious Japanese fabric, and The Highland Plaid Bow Tie is perfect for holiday parties, but will also fly any other day of the year. It should be said that while the Shin-Koiwa will receive a near unlimited amount of positive attention, its numbers are severely limited. 

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Victory Barber & Brand

Victory Barber & Brand is a damn fine barbershop with a very selective array of products available, that now includes damn fine bow ties from Cursor & Thread! There aren't too many barbershops that are quite as true to their grandfather's roots as Victory. With a large number of full time barbers on staff, and a constant stream of customers seated in original vintage chairs, Victory brings the ceremony back to heritage haircutting.  Attention to detail always takes time, but it's clearly paid off in the case of Victory - the shop is fantastic! They opened in 2011 and have only increased the number of full time barbers, all of whom are well trained and well versed in the trade....

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Casual C&T Bows in the TC

Last week, Richard Watts reported on the new casual nature of the bow tie, in the Times Colonist. Front and centre for the piece were a few casual Cursor & Thread Bow Ties in the shape of the popular Bike Bow, the Flannel Polka and the old faithful Salt'n'Pepper. We love reading the paper, especially when it talks up the liberation of our blessed bows: "...bow ties are moving beyond the traditional, dressy silk. Patterned cotton, wool and various fabrics blended with polyester and nylon are making a show in the bow tie." Of course, bows still belong at formal dressy events, no question - it just seems more and more acceptable to also see them on weekends, with untucked...

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Gravity Pope Kitsilano

Gravity Pope Tailored Goods has been a staple on the hot block of West 4th Ave in Vancouver since it opened its doors in 2007. We're obviously very excited to have Cursor & Thread included alongside the excellent brands they carry, and sold by the friendly and knowledgable staff they employ. They offer a shopping experience with all of the unique style, independent designers, and renowned customer service you want in a local retailer. Having known many of the folks who work in the shop, we can guarantee* you'll enjoy your time inside (*not totally guaranteed, but close). Beautifully designed, GPTG Vancouver provides a dynamic backdrop for an exclusive selection of brands that continues Gravity Pope's mandate of style and quality. With...

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Our New Grey Rain-Bow Tie

Often referred to internally as the Gene Kelly Bow Tie, The Rain Bow Tie is now officially available online and in select stores. Imagine, the days are getting darker, as are your co-worker's moods, and you walk in to the office right when they run out of caffeinated beverages. Wear this bow tie, and you're saying "I know how to tie a bow tie, I get that it's crappy out, and I'm clever about communicating it." Like all of our ties, you can tie this bow tie yourself, or you can just adjust it when it arrives pre-tied. Either way, be the smartest guy at the next Rainbow Bow Tie party.

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