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How to install and use Suspender Buttons

Having braces or suspender buttons in some of your key pairs of pants or trousers takes a minute of work for a lifetime of pleasure and stylishness. There's nothing wrong with clips, and in fact our Dublin 1" Suspenders come with combo clips giving you the option to use standard clips or button ins, but having the choice to use button ins is a fantastic, fashion-forward option that very few utilize. Your best case scenario is to know, or be someone awesome, who has the skill to attach buttons on the inside waist of your trousers - sew them in pairs, two sets in the front and one in the back. The two in the front should be 1.5" apart...

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Brace yourself!

We have been waiting to launch our Cursor & Thread braces (or suspenders) since we last longed for the return of the chocolate Slurpee, but the wait is now over. No sooner did we finish a small run of Dublin Braces in blue stripe and black stripe, than they were reserved and are now in select Cursor & Thread Stockists including Gravity Pope, WALRUS, Victory, Still Life and Outlooks. The great thing about these Dublin Braces in particular is that they're a combo clip, meaning you can fasten them with the included clips, or with the included leather straps and buttons. Add a pair to your rotation, and good people will appreciate the look.

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