New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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Vintage Pin Up Girl Bow Tie

As soon as we found this fabric, we knew we had to do something special with it. On premium cotton with an almost denim or chambray look, the pin up girls are close to tone on tone, giving a lovely subtle nod to the classic ladies of the 40s and 50s. Made in Canada and complimented with the best hardware available, each bow tie is self tie meaning you can switch up where the girls lie, but they do come pre-tied if you're uncomfortable tying them yourself. As always, these were made in a small batch, so grab yours before it's a collectors item.

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How to Wear a Bandana for Women - 5 Ways

As is the case with making a margarita, there are multiple fun ways to wear a bandana for women. Truth is, there really is no limit to the uses of a good Canadian made bandana, both functionally and fashionably, but we thought we'd highlight our top 5: Tie your bandana around your head as a thick headband with the knot up top to give you a bit of that peasant girl look; add a touch of attitude to complete the look. Wrap your bandana around your wrist to add an instant jewelry-like accessory. Wear your bandana as a neckerchief, or cravat, which can actually keep you warm, or soak up your sweat, which comes in handy whether you are a...

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Casual Pocket Squares Made in Canada

Anyone can make formal pocket squares, and finding high quality domestically made pocket squares can be a challenge. The other issue may be that you don't often see pocket squares being worn casually. We want to remind you to wear what you want, how you want! Our pocket squares are made by people you'd like, using the finest materials and can be worn formally or casually. We hope you like compliments!      

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New Adjustable Suspenders with buttons or clips for your pants

We had enjoyed our Made in Canada, Dublin Stripe braces in four standard colours for so long that it was a big deal to change it up. We have now added another hue to the mix with our new Merlot Burgundy Suspenders as well as a whole new style called the Oliver Braces in both arctic and red, white and blue.  As with all our goods, you can find them online and in good shops.

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Limited Edition French Knot Bows for Team Canada

We almost couldn't break away from watching replay's of Sophie Schmidt's goal against England, to share this with you, but we managed after 100 replays. What a goal! Check out Sophie here with fellow awesome Teammates Erin McLeod and Kaylyn Kyle in her new Give & Go French Knot by Cursor & Thread and Canada Soccer Collection by Peau De Loup, ahead of their opening match in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. 

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