New Bow Ties and Pocket Squares in Liberty Florals...Happy Spring!

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Accessories Proudly Made in Canada

It's not like us to talk about ourselves, and by us we mean Canadians, but we felt like after the CANADA 150 year we would share some of our Canadian touch points beyond being Canadian and based in Vancouver, BC.  All of our production happens in Canada - that includes our neckties, bow ties, French Knots, pocket squares and suspenders. Even our packaging... every recyclable custom box is printed with 100% post consumer waste in Canada.  Good, skilled people you'd like are part of what makes Cursor & Thread products such high quality - from BC to Quebec, Alberta to Ontario. While everything Cursor & Thread is now made in Canada, with partner retailers around the world, we have an amazing selection of 25...

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The New Faces by Dean Chalkley

A good friend of ours originally passed this Dean Chalkley Documentary The New Faces on to us, and we were instantly hooked. Not because we necessarily dress the same, or dance the same, but because we need to make sure we live in a world where people can choose to dress and dance in different styles - and because it felt like modern history. Dean Chalkley is a photographer and film maker based in London, and in his view, the subjects of his doc "... are activists in style and firmly grasp the heritage of the past whilst actually presenting themselves in a totally contemporary way swimming against the tide of mediocrity." Watch these modern mods celebrate proper soul, 60s dance, history,...

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Is This Menswear?

Iain Russell is a sharp, well-dressed, creative guy who was made for the capabilities of things like Instagram and the internet - or were they made for him? He has a popular, self run site called Is This Menswear? that documents his own daily style and photography - both of which seem heavily influenced by his emotional state at the moment (or what he had for breakfast). Following him on Instagram @isthismenswear might even help you get dressed in the morning, as his posts are frequent and full or ideas. Being able to focus on one theme or offering, and doing it well has become more popular in the last few years, and we're all better off for it. Russell's arrangements and photos...

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