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Shopkeeper Interviews: Caroline and Daniel of WALRUS

Five and a half years ago was a ballsy time to open a new retail shop in Vancouver - add a massive city infrastructure project on the same street and now you're really talking. However, Caroline Boquist and Daniel Kozlowski did just that when they opened WALRUS. We met them shortly after opening when our worlds intersected, and we've been friends ever since. The store is well-loved by passers-by and loyalists alike because of the excellent product mix and friendly & knowledgeable staff, all packed into a cozy space on Cambie Street. Cursor & Thread: How’s your summer been? How’s the neighbourhood? Daniel Kozlowski: Summer has been great! It’s sunny out and people are happy! C&T: Congratulations on the success of the last 5+ years! Do you remember where you were the moment you officially...

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Cecil and The Cecil

The Cecil Bow Tie is named after a gentleman that we, unfortunately, never met. Cecil, or 'Cec' was a spirited drummer who lived on Lakeview Road in Coventry, in the midlands of England. He was also an amateur boxer in those parts, a hobby that he passed on to the youngest of his two sons. We felt as though, if Cec was to wear a bow tie, this is one that he may have been able to enjoy. Maybe not to work at the Rolls Royce aeronautics factory, but certainly when at the skins. (Incidentally, the very act of writing these few words has reminded us to learn more about the man... you have to know where you've been to...

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Is This Menswear?

Iain Russell is a sharp, well-dressed, creative guy who was made for the capabilities of things like Instagram and the internet - or were they made for him? He has a popular, self run site called Is This Menswear? that documents his own daily style and photography - both of which seem heavily influenced by his emotional state at the moment (or what he had for breakfast). Following him on Instagram @isthismenswear might even help you get dressed in the morning, as his posts are frequent and full or ideas. Being able to focus on one theme or offering, and doing it well has become more popular in the last few years, and we're all better off for it. Russell's arrangements and photos...

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