**Please note, orders placed after July 1st, 2022 and throughout the summer, may take up to two weeks to process. If you need your items by a specific date, please add a note to your order or email us at info@cursorandthread.com. Thank you and have a great summer!**

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New Adjustable Suspenders with buttons or clips for your pants

We had enjoyed our Made in Canada, Dublin Stripe braces in four standard colours for so long that it was a big deal to change it up. We have now added another hue to the mix with our new Merlot Burgundy Suspenders as well as a whole new style called the Oliver Braces in both arctic and red, white and blue.  As with all our goods, you can find them online and in good shops.

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Cursor & Thread in SAULT New England

We're just thrilled to be carried in one of our top choice shops on the East Coast! SAULT New England was started by the wonderful Philip Saul in the South End of Boston, near some of our favourite restaurants, and is what a men's shop really should be.  SAULT focuses on classic clothing, skin care and design products for an urban man's lifestyle. We really challenge you to walk in and not walk out with something, whether it's a new jacket, some stationary, or a new piece from Cursor & Thread. Bottom line is, if you're in Boston, dropping in at SAULT is a must.

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C&T in Sole Devotion, Melbourne

We were very familiar with Sole Devotion as a terrific shoe and accessories shop in Melbourne, Australia that routinely featured custom editions from incredible brands, well before we started talking with them about carrying Cursor & Thread. That's why we're so excited that they now carry an extensive offering from us in the way of men's and women's accessories. When in Melbourne, do as the locals do, and shop the streets, eat the eats, and enjoy the people! Cursor & Thread and Sole Devotion... together at last!

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Shopkeeper Interviews: Caroline and Daniel of WALRUS

Five and a half years ago was a ballsy time to open a new retail shop in Vancouver - add a massive city infrastructure project on the same street and now you're really talking. However, Caroline Boquist and Daniel Kozlowski did just that when they opened WALRUS. We met them shortly after opening when our worlds intersected, and we've been friends ever since. The store is well-loved by passers-by and loyalists alike because of the excellent product mix and friendly & knowledgeable staff, all packed into a cozy space on Cambie Street. Cursor & Thread: How’s your summer been? How’s the neighbourhood? Daniel Kozlowski: Summer has been great! It’s sunny out and people are happy! C&T: Congratulations on the success of the last 5+ years! Do you remember where you were the moment you officially...

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Cursor & Thread in Woonwinkel Portland

We're thrilled that our bow ties are now available in Portland, Oregon at one of our favorite shops, Woonwinkel! The superstars at Woonwinkel have been open for 3 years now, and have always focused on well made, handcrafted creations made by independent designers and small companies.   Equally as exciting, Woonwinkel are the first account on the planet to receive items from our brand new Summer Line, including styles you'll come to know as the Harris Chambray, the Summer Sand S'n'P and the new Bike Bow! (Fun fact: Woonwinkel means "home shop" in Dutch.)

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