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Is This Menswear?

Iain Russell is a sharp, well-dressed, creative guy who was made for the capabilities of things like Instagram and the internet - or were they made for him? He has a popular, self run site called Is This Menswear? that documents his own daily style and photography - both of which seem heavily influenced by his emotional state at the moment (or what he had for breakfast). Following him on Instagram @isthismenswear might even help you get dressed in the morning, as his posts are frequent and full or ideas. Being able to focus on one theme or offering, and doing it well has become more popular in the last few years, and we're all better off for it. Russell's arrangements and photos...

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A New Outlook!

We're excited to announce another new store bringing Cursor & Thread products into their mix - and what a mix it is. Outlooks for Men has been Victoria's place for both the tried and tested, as well as the up and coming brands from near and far. The team there are knowledgeable about all things menswear and offer the kind of service that makes you enjoy spending all sorts of time there... you guys should get an espresso machine!

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